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Sidaction Auction



Situated in the heart of old town Paris, Studio Rouchon is practically an institution of fashion photography in Paris. Founded in 1973 by Jacques Rouchon and two of his associates, the old warehouse on rue du Fer à Moulin was transformed into a huge photography complex.


After the passing of Jacques in 1981, Studio Rouchon launches itself in the rental business of photo studios and service provisions and became, at the dawn of the year 2000’s, the biggest parisian photo studio.


On 10th of January 2017, Studio Rouchon will embark a new chapter of its history in a new location, more adapted to the needs of the market in midst of change, in the heart of the audiovisual distric at Plaine St Denis.




We wish to honor those without whom Studio Rouchon would not be what it has become: you, the photographers, the creators of all these transient yet immortal images that are our raison d’être. 




With the expertise of Viviane Esders and the hammer of DIGARD AUCTION, the non-profit auction will benefit the Sidaction, with whom we are long-term partners.


8th of December 2016 at 19h at Studio Rouchon

36,rue du Fer à Moulin

75005 Paris




Limited number of seats





Fashion, still life and beauty photographers.. Portraitists, artists, artistic directors… up to a hundred french and international photographers, who have marked the history of Studio Rouchon, have donated a signed photograph captured in the studios of rue du Fer à Moulin.


Ian Abela, Stephan Abry, Valery Assenat, Roberto Badin, Karel Balas, Coppi Barbieri, Pol Baril, Kate Barry, Michael Baugmarten, Alvaro Beaumud Cortes, Sylvie Becquet, Sylvie Benoit, Ana Bloom, Isabelle Bonjean, Fabrice Bouquet, Jean Jacques Bugat, Richard Bush, Max Cardelli, Raffaele Cariou, Delphine Chanet, Isabelle Chapuis, Pierre Choiniere, Federico Cimatti, Liz Collins, Stephane Coutelle, Eric Cuppari, Dimitri Daniloff, Marjolin De Groot, Sophie Delaporte, Eric Deniset, Kohichiro Doi, Simon Emmett, Louise Enhorning, Guillame Girardot, Torkil Gudnason, Claude Guillaumin, Rene Habermacher, Ben Hasset, Friedemann Hauss, Hunter & Gatti, Bruno Juminer, Andrea Klarin,


Valerie Knight, John Lander, Christian Lartillot, Antoine Le Grand, Jean Paul Lefret, Daniel Lindh, Jean Daniel Lorieux, Catherine Louis, Ali Mahdavi, Charlotte Marcodini, Sarah Moon, John Nollet, Josh Olins, Benoit Pailley, Angelo Penetta, Charles Petillon, Ezra Petronio, Emma Picq, Rankin, Bruno Ripoche, Mylène Rouveure, Lisa Roze, Lothar Schmid, Richard Shroeder, Patricia Schwoerer, Sean & Seng, So a & Mauro, Gianni Soglia, Solve Sundsbo, Jacob Sutton, Karina Taira, Tania & Vincent, Bojana Tatarska, David J Thompson, Eric Traore, Marcin Tyszka, Sabine Villiard, Cedric, Viollet, Milan Vukmirovic, Ralph Wenig, Kenneth Willardt, Olaff Wipperfurth, Michael Wirth, Armin Zogbaum... 

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